The internship is a requirement for all students majoring in psychology. It is designed for advanced students (juniors and seniors) who must complete the requirement of working in a community based social service agency related to their field of academic study. An internship is important because:

  1. It provides the unique opportunity to integrate what you have learned in your psychology classes with life experiences. You will be able to apply and integrate theoretical and academic knowledge to real life experiences.
  2. It helps you answer the questions: What is it like to work in this field? Do I want to pursue a career in psychology?
  3. It can help you establish your reputation, develop personal contacts, and network with professionals. It can serve as a springboard to part-time employment or as an entry to your first professional position.
  4. It is an important addition to your resume. Potential employers and graduate schools look favorably on applicants who held an internship.

The internship encourages personal growth and development in human relations and teaches applied skills in the placement setting. It is an excellent vehicle for applying theoretical knowledge already mastered in previous academic courses.

A four-unit internship consists of a minimum of eight hours each week in the placement. By the end of the semester, you will have completed a minimum of 100 hours at your chosen agency. You must remain at your agency until the end of the semester. Placement in an agency should be accomplished by the end of the second week of class. If you are not placed by the fourth week of the semester, you will be asked to drop the class and retake it next semester. You are responsible for finding your own off-campus placement, but feel free to consult with your instructor for assistance. Begin your search in the Internship Opportunities book available in Hoover 100.