Program Cost

Estimated Tuition and Fees

Tuition (27-month program) * $ 104,583
Subtotal Tuition $ 104,583
Program Related Costs and Fees
Standardized Patient Fee
Clinical Lab Fees
Malpractice Liability Insurance
Student Logging System
Exam Software
End of Rotation Exams
$ 6,402
Subtotal Fees $ 6,402
Total $ 110,985

* Tuition rates are for 2020-2021. Tuition subject to Board approved annual increases. There is a $200 non-refundable enrollment deposit fee, applied to tuition.

Additional Student Costs

Estimated other program related costs paid by students

  • Medical equipment: $644. 70 – $1,500
  • Books and supplies: $624.43 – $3,000 electronic vs print
  • Vaccinations and lab titers: $500
  • Lap top: $500 – $1,500. Must have Wi-Fi connectivity and fully charged battery.
  • Lab fee for Advanced Clinical Procedures: $1,000
  • American Academy of Physician Assistants membership: $75.00 for 2 years
  • California Academy of Physician Assistants membership: $20.00 annually
  • Criminal background check and drug screening*
  • Personal health insurance**

* Additional certified background checks, immunizations, and drug screenings may be required by clinical sites.

** All students are required to have health insurance. Insurance costs vary according to plans selected; students will provide their own.

Estimated Personal Student Expenses

  • Transportation (automobile expenses/travel for clinical rotation): variable
  • Living expenses (housing, meals, incidentals): variable

These costs vary from student to student and may be covered through student loans, if applicable. Students are required to pay all expenses while on clinical rotations and for the associated costs to return to the University at the end of every rotation. Students should plan accordingly to cover the additional costs incurred beyond tuition.

Financial Aid

Students are eligible for financial aid including scholarships, grants and loans.  Students who are selected for admission should file for FAFSA with the La Verne code 001216 (All US citizens and eligible non-citizens may apply).

Receiving the ‚ÄúMilitary Friendly School‚ÄĚ designation for five consecutive years acknowledges the University of La¬†Verne‚Äôs 45-year history of providing a supportive educational environment for those men and women on active duty or veterans of our armed forces. The Physician Assistant Program is committed to veterans and recognizes the challenges veterans may have meeting admission criteria.¬† The Office of Veteran‚Äôs success will serve as an advocate-liaison for veterans and their families with site services and resources that will help in achieving your educational goals.

Deposit, tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. The tuition for in-state and out-of-state residents is the same. The deposit fee is non-refundable. If a student decides not to attend after accepting, the fee will not be refunded.

The University Refund Policy is available here.