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Prerequisite Coursework

All applicants must complete the required undergraduate coursework and admission criteria prior to application with a grade of “C” or better. All coursework must be completed with the minimum number of semester hours or quarter units listed below.

  1. Human Anatomy with lab*    (4 semester hours or 5 quarter units)
  2. Human Physiology with lab*   (4 semester hours or 5 quarter units)
  3. General Biology with lab    (4 semester hours or 5 quarter units)
  4. General Chemistry with lab (I and II)    (8 semester hours or 10 quarter units)
  5. Microbiology with lab*   (3 semester hours or 4 quarter units)
  6. Psychology: General, developmental or abnormal   (3 semester hours or 4 quarter units)
  7. General Sociology or Anthropology    (3 semester hours or 4 quarter units)
  8. Bio-statistics or Statistics    (3 semester hours or 4 quarter units)
  9. Medical Terminology    (2 semester hours or 3 quarter units)
  10. History of Fine Arts    (3 semester hours or 4 quarter units)
  11. Creative and Artistic Expression   (2 semester hours or 2 quarter units)
  12. English/College Writing ( I and II; 1 yr)**    (6 semester hours or 8 quarter units)
  13. Speech Communication   (2 semester hours or 3 quarter units)
  14. Philosophy or Religion or Ethics or Critical Thinking    (3 semester hours or 4 quarter units)

Note:  ALL coursework MUST be completed at the time of  submission of the application. The admissions committee will not review any applications with pending coursework.

Philosophy or Religion or Critical Thinking

Examines such questions as the following: How does one know what is true? Are human beings free or determined? In what way are religious and ethical terms meaningful and useful? What is the purpose of life?

History of Fine Arts


  1. Survey art history from antiquity through early Renaissance. Covers major monuments and basic tools of visual analysis OR
  2. Survey art history from the Renaissance through today. Covers major monuments and basic tools of visual analysis   OR
  3. Study problems concerning nature of art, aesthetic experience, and function of the artist OR
  4. Include the history and interpretation of specific art forms, such as music, drawing, painting, film, cinema, photography, theater.

Creative and Artistic Expression

  • Should be performance based: musicianship, photography, theater, cinema, drawing, dance.
  • Students must be engaged in the activity of “doing”/“creating”, not “studying”. A product results from the course.  
  • Digital photography courses can fulfill this prerequisite.
  • Photography courses that learn about different ways and styles of taking photographs can fulfill this prerequisite.
  • Dance courses such as, Choreography, Ballet, and Modern Dance also can full this prerequisite.

The following are examples of the University of La Verne prerequisite course equivalents. Course units in parenthesis are identified as semester hours.

Life Sciences
BIO 343 – Human Anatomy (4)
BIO 344 – Human Physiology (4)
BIO 201 – General Biology I (4)
BIO 302 – Microbiology (4)
CHEM 201 – General Chemistry I (4)
CHEM 202 – General Chemistry II (4)
KINE 418 – Special Topics: Medical Terminology (2) [Topics change every semester, Medical Terminology is not always offered.]

Biochemistry courses do not fulfill General Chemistry or General Biology prerequisite course requirements.

Social and Behavioral Sciences
ANTH 250 – Issues in Anthropology (4)
ANTH 320 – Cultural Anthropology (4)
ANTH 370 – Medical Anthropology (4)
PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology (4)
SOC 250 – Introduction to Sociology (4)
SOC 311/REL 305 – World Religions: East (4)
SOC 340 – Social Psychology (4)

Click here for a more extensive list of courses at University of La Verne that meet the Social and Behavioral Sciences prerequisite requirement.

Quantitative Reasoning
BUS 270 – Business Statistics (4)
CH 401 – Biostatistics for Community Health (4)
HSM 201 – Statistics (4)
MGMT/PADM 388 – Statistics (4)
PSY 305 – Statistics (4)
SOC/ANTH 390 – Research Methods (4)

Creative & Artistic Expression
ART 121 – 3-D Design (4)
ART 140 – Drawing Techniques and Materials (4)
ART 250 – Sculpture (4)
ART 260 – Painting (4)
MUS 115 – West African Drumming (1)
MUS 120 – Piano (1)
MUS 124 – Brass (1)
MUS 128 – Voice (1)
PHOT 210 & 210L – Elementary Photography with Lab (4)
THAR 110 – Acting for Anyone (2)

Click here for a more extensive list of courses at University of La Verne that meet the Creative & Artistic Expression prerequisite requirement.

History of Fine Arts
ART 200 – Introduction to Visual Culture (4)
ART 210 – Art History Foundation: Ancient through Early Renaissance (4)
ART 211 – Art History Foundation: Renaissance through Contemporary (4)
MUS 100 – Music History and Appreciation (4)
MUS 351 – History of Western Music I (4)
THAR 100 – Introduction to Theatre (2)
THAR 113 – Theatre, Acting, and Performance (2)

Courses such as The History of: Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Anime, Web Design, and other new medias may be used to fulfill this requirement.
Click here for a more extensive list of courses at University of La Verne that meet the History of Fine Arts prerequisite requirement.

Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, Critical Thinking
HUM 305 – Values & Critical Thinking (4)
PHIL 110 – Introduction to Philosophy (4)
PHIL 330 – Ethics (4)
PHIL 350 – Topics in Philosophy  (4)
PHIL 351 – Philosophy of Religion
REL 100 – Introduction to Religion (4)
REL 348 – Formative Thinkers of 20th Century Theology (4)
REL 390 – Topics in Religion(4)
REL 398 – Topics in Urban Studies (4)

Click here for a more extensive list of courses at University of La Verne that meet the Philosophy, Religion,  Ethics, or Critical Thinking prerequisite requirement.

Written Communication
WRT 110 – College Writing A (4)
WRT 111 – College Writing & Research (4)

Oral Communication
SPCM 100 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2)
SPCM 210 – Interpersonal Communication (4)
SPCM 220 – Intercultural Communication (4)
SPCM 420 – Health Communication (4)
THAR 311 – Oral Communication (2)

For Course Equivalency Information:

To review the course descriptions on courses offered by University of La Verne, please use the Course Equivalency link above. Start by selecting the upcoming term (i.e. Fall 2017), then complete all required fields, including the title of the course offered by University of La Verne (i.e. PHIL 110). Alternatively (after selecting the upcoming term) select only the subject (BZ) to get a list of all courses offered in that discipline area. Review the course description for equivalency on courses that are in progress or completed elsewhere.


*Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab, Microbiology with lab must have been completed within 7 years of the cohort start date to ensure recent knowledge in the subject area.

*Human Anatomy and Physiology (I and II) can be a combined course for a total of 8 semester hours or 10 quarter units (1 year).

*Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab, Chemistry, Biology and Microbiology may not be taken by an online or correspondence format. They must have a lab. The program wants to ensure that all students have tactile experiences in using equipment that will be used in a clinical setting.

**English/College Writing (I and II) must both be taken for a total of  at least 6 semester hours or 8 quarter units (1 year).