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Mathematics Program Assessment Plan

The goal of the assessment plan of the Mathematics Program is to provide faculty with on-going and meaningful information to help improve learning outcomes. The following assessment procedures are used:

  1. Senior Comprehensive Exams. A two-hour exam, based on a test developed by Kalamazoo College, is administered to every senior. A passing score must be achieved in order for the student to graduate.
  2. Senior Projects. Senior projects, culminating capstone experiences, are evaluated by a rubric for grading of individual students, and aggregated across students for program level assessment.
  3. Alumni Survey. Alumni are surveyed every five years for their feedback, academic, and employment status.
  4. Focus Groups. Focus groups are conducted periodically to assess opinions and needs of current students.
  5. Outside review. Every five years outside experts/colleagues are invited to examine the program review document and provide feedback and/or make recommendations