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Inland Empire Media Academy Film Festival

2017 Winners

  • Tina Sanchez
    Best Documentary, “Rancho Remembers”
  • Steve Rodgers, Jacob Ramirez
    Best Editing, “The Girl”

2016 Winners

  • Alexandra Campione, Emily Bolka
    Best Screenplay, “Vicarious Living”

2015 Winners

  • Jetske Wauran
    Best News/Documentary, “Depression: The Hidden Struggle”
  • Melanie Rodriguez, Kaitlin Hollingsworth
    Best Producer, “Hunting Shadows”
  • Mckinley Pollock, Serena Ghazzawi
    Best Screenplay, “The Transformation”
  • Mckinley Pollock, Serena Ghazzawi
    Best Cinematography, “The Transformation”
  • Serena Ghazzawi, Natalie Kubes
    Best Editing, “Hux”

2014 Winners

  • Alexander Clague
    Best Crime Drama, “Sugar and Love”
  • Jetske Wauran
    Best Cinematography, “Mary Cotter: 100 Years”
  • Delanie Pacheco
    Best Editing, “Road to Recovery”
  • Chelsea Stark-Jones
    Best News/Reality Short “Enjoying the Journey”

2013 Winners

  • Tanya Velasquez
    Best News Story, “Homestead Museum”